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Salvia Divinorum is an interesting plant and has a history of cultural use and devoted supporters. Revered for it's powerful mind altering powers when ingested salvia can be smoked, eaten, or made into a tea. Growing salvia plants can be a fun and rewarding hobby to pick up, anyone with a green thumb can have a nice salvia garden growing in now time.

Many people are concerned about the future of salvia divinorum and the legal status of salvia, and this concern is justified when you consider how many states in the US are making salvia illegal. If the federal government and the DEA classify salvia divinorum as a narcotic then it could be banned everywhere in America. While places such as drug rehab centers are great when it comes to narcotics abuse, it could look ridiculous when they start accepting patients with a “salvia addiction.” If the feds decide that salvia possess a risk to society and potential for abuse with no positive benefits a law could be passed to ban it. Critics say that salvia divinorum is a threat to society and poses a great risk and want to make salvia illegal.

With all the videos emerging daily on sites like YouTube showing irresponsible users wrecklessly abusing salvia critics have plenty to draw on. It is the actions of these irresponsible few that will cause negative consequences for the majority of responsible salvia users. Please take this into consideration when you enjoy salvia.

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Salvia Divinorum Information

There is a lot of wrong information out there about salvia, we will attempt to set the world straight! 

Salvia is not a dangerous drug!

Salvia is not habit forming!

No one has ever died from Salvia!

PayPal is NOT salvia friendly!