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salvia divinorum info:

Salvia Divinorum is an herb originally from Oaxaca Mexico. It is still grown in Mexico by farmers who have grown salvia divinorum plants for generations. Only recently did Salvia Divinorum Extracts become popular and as a result the demand for salvia has gone up. Now Salvia divinorum is grown all over the country by botanists and enthusiasts alike. There are many common names for salvia, such as diviner's sage, herb of the virgin, hierba de maria, and hoja de la pastora.

Salvia Divinorum has received attention from law enforcement and is illegal in many areas. Before you buy salvia divinorum you should find out if salvia is legal in your State. This website will help you find the information you need to successfully purchase salvia divinorum!

The effects of salvia divinorum are called salvia trips by the users and can last for a few brief moments to over ten minutes.

As with any hallucinogen there are factors that will vary the user's experience.  These include: individual circadian rhythms (fatigue), previous drug-taking experience, personality, mood, dosage, and expectations. One's educational level can also cause different reactions.

No two people will ever experience salvia in exactly the same way, and individuals may never have the same experience twice, however there are certain commonalities users often report.  Perception changes, time slows, the senses are enhanced.  Colors are richer, sounds deeper, smell and taste are heightened.  Music sounds more profound.  Sometimes in a salvia trip users experience synethesia, where the senses merge - sounds are seen, colors are heard.  Hallucinations may even occur where a user sees things that do not exist. 

All of these things should be considered before you purchase salvia divinorum.

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